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    Betty Kuhnel Heather Garden

    The Heather Garden was initially installed by Maria Krenek, former HBG President and owner of then Glenmar Heather Nursery, which supplied the original heather plants to the Garden.

Betty Kuhnel Heather Garden

About the Garden

The Betty Kuhnel Heather Garden is a colorful display of heathers that will delight the visitor with continuous brilliant color in flower and foliage throughout the year.  Follow the path to the bright collection of heathers in this little gem of a garden, located adjacent the Dedekam Ornamental Terrace Garden. In January 2017, Heather Garden Curator and HBG Board member Micki Davis began a Heather Garden rejuvenation process. The Garden was enlarged with the addition of soil, fir bark, new cultivars, and a rocked perimeter to increase the color and texture of the garden. 

For most areas in the world, heathers are among the easiest plants to grow and are very well adapted to our coastal climate (Sunset Zone 17).  The winter and early spring varieties will bring a beautiful show when color in the garden is most needed.  A winter heather garden is a blaze of color, and on sunny days, buzzing with bees.  With few pests and low water needs once established, the hardy heather is perfect for any garden.


Heathers, even though they are not native, are amazingly well-adapted to our climate.  They have few pests, few foragers, and low fertilizer and water needs once established.  They like a little pruning and, once in a while, a shot of fertilizer and compost.  They are low key plants.  And they give you something different to look at all year long.  They are long lived.  -Maria Krenek


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