Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden

California Fuchsia


Native Plant of the Month

Encompassing well over an acre, the Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden (NPG) is a central educational and display component of the Humboldt Botanical Garden. The NPG includes plants from the greater California Floristic Province, emphasizing plants native to northwest California and southwest Oregon. Selecting plants from these regions allows us to provide the visitor with an understanding of the remarkable diversity of California’s native flora. In doing so, we are able to showcase a palette of particularly interesting California and southern Oregon native plants which perform well in our sometimes challenging north coast climate and soil conditions.

The changing seasons make it especially worthwhile to visit the Garden throughout the year. For a current seasonal description of the Lost Coast Brewery NPG, see Winter 2016 in the HBG Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden by Mark Moore, Volunteer Curator of the LCBNPG.

Past Seasonal Handouts

The Native Plant Garden provides visitors with striking examples of how native plants, with their resource-conserving benefits and low maintenance requirements, can be aesthetically integrated into home landscapes.

Be inspired to learn more about our unique and diverse native flora and how to incorporate native plants into your existing landscaping or new garden design. Come visit the Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden at the Humboldt Botanical Garden.

Plants of the Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden

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