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Join us September 26-October 24 for Extreme Scarecrow Makeover!

Join the Humboldt Botanical Garden for the Extreme Scarecrow Makeover beginning on September 26, 2015 from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM. Start by creating a scarecrow magnet at the Front Gate for children ages 4-12 and the young at heart. Then, get in the spirit of Fall by taking a walk through the Garden and discover how local artists re-imagined the “scarecrow” and created unique fine art sculptures for you to enjoy!

Linda Wise, "Lovely Ms. Hammer Toe Gets Engaged."

Linda Wise, “Lovely Ms. Hammer Toe Gets Engaged.”

During your stroll, you may come across Linda Wise’s “Lovely Ms. Hammer Toe Gets Engaged”….surely a moment in Ms. Hammer Toe’s life not to miss! Linda Wise states, “The reality of waste is that there really is no such thing as waste. Most items that are discarded still have usefulness.” Visit the Garden and get ideas for how you could possibly reuse and repurpose discarded objects into new works of art or embellishments within your own garden. Wise also says, “I let the objects that I find give me direction to what forms my sculptures will take, some abstract, some functional, some serious and some are whimsical.” Come see the whimsical nature of Linda’s work found within “Lovely Ms. Hammer Toe Gets Engaged” on display from September 26-October 24, 2015 at the Humboldt Botanical Garden.

Dan McCauley, "This Will Get 'Em"

Dan McCauley, “This Will Get ‘Em”

Next, you may peruse past Dan McCauley’s “This will get em’” a two piece large metal sculpture with a kinetic component! Dan McCauley has been fabricating and welding metal for over 20 years. McCauley states, “I enjoy having the ability to create things from nothing and it also thrills me to see the enjoyment that others get from my work.” Stop by the Garden and view the artists work entered into the Extreme Scarecrow Makeover, each sculpture is available for purchase…and don’t forget to Vote for the People’s Choice Award while you are there, or Like us on Facebook to vote when you get home!

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The Humboldt Botanical Garden is a world-class living museum featuring a wide variety of native and exotic plants overlooking Humboldt Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Our 44.5 acre site features over 7 acres of formal gardens, 5 miles of hiking trails and a wide range of educational and recreational opportunities. The Garden is located in southern Eureka adjacent to the College of the Redwoods. Visitors experience an ornamental terrace garden, the largest native plant garden in Northern California, a riparian area, a temperate woodland garden and a 100-foot diameter earth mound that is the only one of its kind in North America. Our facility provides a safe location for the public to recreate, relax, reflect and enjoy nature while inspiring awe and curiosity about life on earth.

Enjoy this video with Denise Ryles from Access Humboldt, Out Here in the Redwoods, and Susan Tissot, Executive Director of HBG.

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