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  • Birds & Bees Educational Series - Gardening for Wildlife

    Humboldt Botanical Garden presents “The Birds and Bees Educational Series” focusing on plants, animals and insects of the North Coast Region.

Birds & Bees Educational Series - Gardening for Wildlife

April 27th, 2019

Birds & Bees Educational Series - Gardening for Wildlife

Humboldt Botanical Garden

Saturday, April 27th



Louise Bacon-Ogden presents “Gardening for Wildlife” on Saturday, April 27th.

The informational talk will sort out seeds and feeders to initially attract birds to your yard. Add some water and a few nest boxes for the perfect place to raise a family.

For the plant lover, adding beautiful or fragrant flowers and bushes is the icing on the cake. Watch hummingbirds sip at the proper nectar rich flowers, robins and cedar waxwings gobble tasty fruits. See sparrows dash in and out of hardy bushes, probably to a nest of newly hatched babies. The phoebe at the edge of your compost is snatching flies and bugs. Robins and flickers glean worms and ants from your lawn.

Learn some of Louise’s tricks that has attracted close to 100 species to her yard. If time allows, take a short walk to spy birds visiting the Humboldt Botanical Garden

FREE for members & children 10 and under • General Garden admission for non-members

Please call (707) 442-5139 to RSVP

About our Speaker

Louise is the originator of Strictly for the Birds, in Eureka, which she ran until 2004. The store was then under the care of Cathy Michaels for another 12 years until she retired and closed the doors in Dec. 2015. Birding was a natural for Louise as she describes herself as “inheriting the bird loving gene from my grandfather.” Birds were prominent in her life at the age of 9. A “Bird Club” was Louise’s first birding enterprise. Dues were 5 cents! Many years have passed but Louise still loves and pursues birds.