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  • The Butterfly House

  • The Butterfly House

    Thank you for another wonderful year.

The Butterfly House

Typically the life of the butterfly itself is relatively brief, about two to four weeks. A butterfly’s mission after pupating is to breed and lay eggs. Much of the lifespan of a butterfly is when it is a caterpillar. A caterpillar goes through a series of molts, shedding skin as it grows. When it becomes large and ready to pupate, it climbs up branches and forms a chrysalis. This is the mysterious and wonderful process that produces a beautiful butterfly from a nondescript looking caterpillar. At the Humboldt Botanical Garden’s butterfly house you will be able to witness this event. Visitors will be able to see every stage of a butterfly life cycle from egg to butterfly. In addition, there will be butterfly nectar plants for sale and educational information available.

Please note: Dogs are not allowed in the butterfly house or greenhouse.