Dog Policy

Non-service dogs (family pets) are now allowed entrance into the Garden. We have created a Dog Policy that provides an opportunity for dog lovers to bring their beloved well behaved pets with them to walk the Garden. A 6 foot leash is required as well as current vaccines (including rabies). There is a set of rules that we would like you to abide by. These rules are also posted at the Garden. Because the entire 44.5 acre perimeter of the Garden is fenced, the Garden provides a safe environment for dog owners to take a 5 mile walk with their dogs in a beautiful environment. We realize that all of us are stressed for free time so why not double dip and visit the Garden while taking Spot for a walk? To offset any dog related expenses at the Garden a new Garden admission fee of $5 applies to all dogs visiting the Garden with their owners. An annual Dog Membership of $20 is now available for those HBG Members who plan to take regular walks in the Garden with their furry companion(s). Dogs are not allowed in the Garden during special events or when their owners are attending classes or workshops.

CLICK Here to see the entire Dog Policy