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Welcome From the Gate!

Dear garden guests,

As you may know, the summer is a great time of year to visit a blooming garden, especially our little slice of heaven on the California North Coast.  But just like any beautiful outdoor adventure; the wanderer must always come prepared.  Here are five tips on preparing and making the most out of your garden visit.

One – Always wear sunblock!  Yes, we live in Humboldt; a place of cool weather, foggy days, and lots of wind and rain.  However, that doesn’t spare us from the scorching rays of the sun.  It burns!  Wearing sunblock while you visit is important and will keep your skin protected.  Bring hats with you, light sweaters, and anything else you need to protect yourself from a nasty burn.  We want you to enjoy the sun but we don’t want you leaving looking like a strawberry!

Two – Always wear comfortable shoes!  This is a big one for those of you looking to take trails.  We have many wonderful and whimsical little trails just waiting to be explored by the happy adventurer, but they do require proper close-toed shoes.   Always wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes while roaming through the garden.  Our feet are important and protecting them from the elements will keep them safe and happy.

Three – Bugs bite!  OUCH!  If you can, wear bug repellent.  For those of you who wish to venture off the main road, mosquitos and other stinging insects can be quite a nuisance.  It is wise to spray yourself and your travel companions with a good old-fashion bug repellent.  Trust me, when you are out in the thick of nature and the bugs start biting’, you are going to wish you had listened to this advice and coated yourself in pest -resistant armor.

Four – RELAX!  You have come all this way to appreciate all that this wonderful place has to offer.  Delight in it.  Take some time for yourself and rest.  Sit on a bench.  Listen to the many singing birds that make this area their home.  Deeply inhale the enchanting fragrance of our foliage.  Take a leisurely stroll. Bring a picnic and stay a while.  The garden is a tranquil and lovely place for you to experience.

Five – Don’t leave without looking at our selection of merchandise.   We have tote bags printed with our fantastic logo, iris-embroidered patches to wear on your clothes and hats, and a variety of botanical cards and postcards you can share with family and friends.  We have plants available for purchase in our retail nursery, located in our greenhouse.  There is a little something for everyone!  While you make your purchase, tell us about your visit and let us know your favorite thing at the garden.

Thanks to the hard work of our employees and volunteers, we are able to create a rejuvenating and educational location for our visitors.  Come and join us during our garden hours, we look forward to your visit.  Thanks for reading.

~ The Gate Attendant