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  • Birds & Bees Educational Series - Butterflies

    Humboldt Botanical Garden presents “The Birds and Bees Educational Series” focusing on plants, animals and insects of the North Coast Region.

Birds & Bees Educational Series - Butterflies

July 28th, 2018

Birds & Bees Educational Series - Beekeeping 101

Humboldt Botanical Garden

Saturday, July 28th



Humboldt Botanical Garden is hosting a presentation on the basics of beekeeping! Learn how to keep a hive healthy and safe, what causes swarming and how to control them when it happens, how to extract a honey crop, when the proper times are to start setting up for your bee keeping adventure, and more advanced tips such as what miticides and antibiotics for use with local hives. Learn how to differentiate between various types of honey from wildflower to specific varieties like lavender and buckwheat. Whether you are an aspiring beekeeper or an old hand at it, there is sure to be great conversation to be had, and things to learn!

FREE for members & children 10 and under • General Garden admission for non-members

About our Speaker

Laura Weare lives with her husband on two acres of river-front property in Carlotta where she has been keeping and maintaining her three hives for four years. Originally, when she retired she took up beekeeping as an interesting retirement hobby. She is an active member of the Humboldt County Beekeepers Association. Though she is a new member of the garden, she loves gardening and is excited to see beekeeping grow as an extension of that passion.